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Javascript Tip by Ken Howe
Welcome to Ken Howe's Javascripts. You will not find calendars, flashy gizmos, spinning text or other such eye candy here. What you will find is examples and articles about client side javascripts that are designed to be used in real world business applications. If you have a script to share with other developers then please email me the details and I will add it to the site. The articles are listed by the date last modified. Each script lists the browser versions it has been tested on, if you use it in another browser version and it works ok then please let me know so I can update the list.
Title Date(m/d/y)
Printing a Hidden IFrame for Client Side Reports 3/29/2008
Multiple CSS Styles and Javascript Validation 5/11/2006
Disable the Back Keyboard shortcut in Forms 6/17/2006
Trim a String 3/3/2002
Client Side Table Sort 9/15/2001
Open a Window Full Screen (Maximized) 2/24/2001
Set Focus to First Field 10/21/2000
Validate a Telephone Number 10/21/2000

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