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Adding Files to the Recent Documents List
Windows has a cool feature that shows the last "so many" files that you have opened using explorer and other applications. Unfortunately the application has to add the file to this list manually. You can add this feature to your own applications by making use of an API call.

Declare this local external function:

Subroutine SHAddToRecentDocs( uint dwFlags, ref string dwData ) &
   Library 'shell32.dll'

Then in your script you can add the following:

Long ll_SHARD_PATH = 2
String ls_File
// Replace the next line with your own file
ls_File = 'c:\ken.txt'
SHAddtoRecentDocs( ll_SHARD_PATH, ls_file )

Every time you execute the function the file gets added to the list, if you pass in a null string then windows will reset the list of files for you. Windows automatically handles the rolling off the top so all you have to do is call the function.


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