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C/C++ Datatype Conversion
The following list is not an exhaustive list of all C and C++ to PowerBuilder Datatype but most of the common Datatype that I've used over the years of interfacing PowerBuilder and C/C++ programs. There are two lists, the first is PowerBuilder to C++ Datatype, useful for the C Proxy Generator. Then there is a list of C/C++ to PowerBuilder Datatype useful for people writing DLL's and the like:
PowerBuilder Datatype C/C++ Datatype
Blob PBBlob
Boolean int
Character char
Date PBDate
DateTime PBDateTime
Decimal PBDecimal
Double double
Integer int
Real float
String PBString
Time PBTime
UnSignedInteger unsigned int


C/C++ Datatype PowerBuilder Datatype
BOOL Boolean
WORD UnSignedInteger
DWORD UnSignedLong
HANDLE UnSignedLong
HWND UnSignedLong
LPSTR String Ref
LPBYTE String Ref
LPINT Long Ref
char Blob{1}
int Integer
unsigned int UnSignedInt
long Long
ULONG/unsigned long UnSignedLong
double Double
char * String Ref


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