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Shorten Path
This is a great API call which you can use to shorten a long path and file name which needs to be displayed in a small field within your application. It makes an attempt to shorten the path to fit the size but still provide enough of the original path to be meaningful to the user. To get this API working you will need to define the following API Calls as external functions:
Function long GetDC( long hWnd ) Library "user32"
function long PathCompactPathA( long lhDC, &
	ref string as_Text, long al_Len ) library 'shlwapi'
Function long ReleaseDC( long hWnd, uint hDC ) Library "user32"

The Get/Release DC are just used to get a handle to the device context but the middle API call is the one that performs the real magic, it takes a handle to the device context (in our case the current window) and the text to be shorten by reference followed by the number of pixels to fit the text into.

The following example script is in a command button on a window and should be easy to follow:

Long ll_HDC
String ls_Text = "c:\Program Files\PBDR\PBDelta\PBDelta3.exe"
Long ll_Pixels = 150

ll_HDC = GetDC( Handle( parent ) )

PathCompactPathA( ll_HDC, ls_Text, ll_Pixels )

ReleaseDC( Handle( parent ), ll_HDC )

MessageBox( 'text', ls_Text )

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