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Windows Shell Standard About
You can call up a standard about window by using an API call named ShellAbout. This window is the same about window shown in all of the basic Microsoft applications that come as a standard part of the Windows range of operating systems. The 32bit API call should be defined as follows:
function int ShellAboutA( ulong al_hWnd, string as_szApp, &
   string as_szOtherStuff, ulong hIcon ) library "shell32"

The following example code will open the window from a command button:

ShellAboutA( handle( parent ), "Window Title#more text", &
   "Still more text", 0 )

The Window Title will be the window title, the more text Appears after the Microsoft on the first line. The still more text will appear in the main body of the about window and should be your programs description.


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