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Get the Users Logon ID
You can obtain the users network login id for most popular network clients with a call to the windows API call WNetGetUserName. This call works for Netware, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, Windows 95 and LanManager. For 32 bit applications you will need to make a different call to the API function GetUserNameA().

For 16-bit apps
//Declare an external function as:
function int WNetGetUser( ref string userid, ref uint len ) library "user.exe"

In PowerScript
string login_name
uint   lui_len
int    li_rc
string ls_temp

lui_len = 255
ls_temp = space( 255 )
li_rc = WNetGetUser( ls_temp, lui_len )
login_name = Trim( ls_temp )

For 32-bit apps
//Declare an external function as:
Function boolean GetUserNameA( ref string userID, ref ulong len ) library "ADVAPI32.DLL"

In Powerscript
string  login_name
string  ls_temp
ulong   lul_value
boolean lb_rc

lul_value = 255
ls_temp = Space( 255 )
lb_rc = GetUserNameA( ls_temp, lul_value )
login_name = Trim( ls_temp )


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