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Wider Dropdown List boxes
One of the nice features of the datawindows dropdown has always been you can alter the width of the section that drops down to be wider than the actual width of the dropdown control. The native dropdown list box also has this nice feature but PowerBuilder does not support this via the dropdown controls properties. With some simple use of the Windows API we can control this ourselves.

The code below will popup a Messagebox with the current width of the dropdown list box's dropdown area before altering the width of the drop down area to 300 pixels wide:

Constant long CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH = 352
Constant long CB_GETDROPPEDWIDTH = 351

MessageBox( "Current Width", Send( Handle( ddlb_1 ), &

Send( Handle( ddlb_1 ), CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH, 300, 0 )

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