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Get the Windows Directory
When using .INI files it can be useful to know the location of the windows directory, esp. with all the flavours of windows and different setups. In PBBrowse I use this so I know where to create the PBBrowse.INI file. The external function declaration for PB goes like this:
FUNCTION INT GetWindowsDirectory( &
   REF STRING ls_WindowsDirectory, INT cbSysPath) &
Function uint GetWindowsDirectoryA( &
   ref string dirtext, uint textlen) &
   library "KERNEL32.DLL"

Then in your code you can just say:

String ls_WinPath

ls_WinPath = Space( 128 )
GetWindowsDirectory( ls_WinPath, 128 )

Note windows expects the memory to be allocated for the string where it will copy the windows directory to. We do that by making PowerBuilder create a blank string of 128 chars, the second parameter to the call tells window the maximum size of the buffer we have allocated for it to use.


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