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What's Changed in This New Component Release
There are a growing number of free components on the PBDR web site and they are frequently updated by their authors. Sometimes the changes are minor and other times they are a total rewrite. Most of the time they are somewhere in between. I quite often get sent eMail asking for information about the updates the authors have made.

Although the changes are sometimes documented, if the changes are purely internal then they are often not documented. This can be worrying especially if you have the component implemented as part of your application, you want to make sure that any bug fixes do not effect you and that any enhancements do not break your application.

The best way to find out what's new and what has changed is to download the latest version of the component and unpack it into a working directory, separate from your current version of the component. Then you can use a difference tool to compare the components and see line by line exactly what has been changed. The best tool for this job is PBDelta. PBDelta allows you to compare the two component PBL's and see which objects where changed, you can then double click on each component to drill into the source code and be shown function by function and event by event every change the author made to the component.


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