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Quick Help
A new feature added to PBPaste V2.1 was something called quick help. A few people have written in wondering how this can help their development efforts. Well I came up with the idea because I noticed during my development using PowerBuilder that there where a few really useful help file pages but I always had great difficulty finding them, normally spending a minute or so hacking around until I found the page I wanted.

For example there is an index page with all of the datawindow objects listed, from here you can click on the object type to drill into a list of properties and descriptions. Great for coding Modifies and Describes, but only great if you can find the page!

So I added a feature to PBPaste, you could achieve the same with shortcuts in the menu to the help file, where by you figure out the name of the pages you use the most often and add them to the quick help menu, then when you want to see that page in the help you just click on the PBPaste icon quick help and then the item you want. Again you could achieve the same effect using shortcuts in a special quick help menu.

The name of the entry for the datawindow page I was talking about was:

properties, DataWindow objects


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