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Ancestor Events Do Not Execute
All of our Jaguar components are inherited from a Jaguar Ancestor object which among other things has the standard activate/deactivate events mapped and coded. We have encountered problems when we export and re-import descendant objects where the Ancestor code in the Jaguar ancestor does not execute. Another tell tale sign is when you check the extend ancestor event in the menu and the check mark keeps disappearing.

We have found that when you re-import the object PowerBuilder adds the prototypes for the events to the descendant object which causes the problems. By exporting, editing and re-importing we clear up the problem.

Below is an example of an exported object with the problem, the lines in question are highlighted. Just export the object deleted these two lines and re-import and the problem will disappear.

$PBExportComments$Generated Jaguar Component
global type nc_npf_report from nc_ec_jag
end type
end forward

global type nc_npf_report from nc_ec_jag descriptor
"PB_ObjectCodeAssistants" = "{BB0DD54A-B36E-11D1-BB47-000086095DDA}" descriptor "PS_JaguarProject" = ""
event activate pbm_component_activate
event deactivate pbm_component_deactivate
end type
global nc_npf_report nc_npf_report

type variables

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