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Distributed Child Datawindows
A new feature of PB5.0 was distributed computing. This new feature allows you to distribute processing onto multiple servers. On a recent project I had to write an application where all business logic and database access was performed by a server. The client had no Database connection. We had to load all of the Child Datawindows manually because the datawindow had no transaction object. Here's a quick and dirty way of loading the data returned from the server.
DataWindowChild ldwc_DWC
String ls_Data

ls_Data = ibp_DataServer.getSomeData()
dw_1.GetChild( "dddw_column", ldwc_DWC )
lds_DS.ImportString( ls_data )

The code on the server would look like the following:

RETURN ids_DS.Describe( 'datawindow.data' )


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