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Installing Jaguar on a Laptop
This tip was submitted by Andy Hough.

Sometimes when you have installed EAServer (usually on a Laptop with NT Server). You get a problem when you start up Jaguar, it starts to display all the messages in the shell window but stops after the enabling 40bit encryption line then sits there waiting until you get a Dr Watson.

The problem is caused because the encryption needs to be seeded and there was no data available to seed the encryption.

The solution is to create a small text file with any values in it and save it (ie TrustMe.txt). Then go to control panel and open the system option and go to the environment tab. Here you need to add a new variable to the system variable section call JAGUAR_RANDOMSEED and give it the value of the path and filename (ie d:\TrustMe.txt). Once you have done this Set and Apply the variable change and restart Jaguar. It should start straight away.


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