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Programmatically Turn off AutoComplete
I know this article does not strictly belong in this section, but I wanted to document this somewhere as it had taken me a while to find and I thought it might be useful for other people.

A cool feature added to IE5 was the Auto complete feature, this works in two ways, firstly it remembers what the user typed into a field last time the used it. This is great for commonly used text. 

A second feature is that if IE detects a user id and password field combination and it offers the users the facility to remember the combination they type for next time. Therefore next time they type their user id it will automatically remember and complete the password.

While this feature is admittedly useful it is also a security risk, some companies switch off this feature on their versions of IE but this requires modifications to IE, if this modification has not been made the user can switch this off through a manual process but you cannot guarantee they will not be using the feature.

With all this in mind I wanted to programmatically disable the feature on the logon page of my latest web application. After much searching around I found what appears to be an undocumented tag that will switch the feature off, in your HTML INPUT tags you include the following fragment AUTOCOMPLETE="OFF". For example:



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