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Transaction Pools
When you create server application objects the first thing your object will probably do is make a connection to the database. This is a time consuming process and can take between 2 - 5 seconds depending on network traffic and your DBMS.

To minimize this connection time you will want to setup transaction pools. Transaction pools work by not releasing previously made connections to the database.

When you connect to the database for the first time PB checks to see if there is a transaction that matches your request in the pool. If not it performs the normal processing, if it finds a match you are pointed to the old transaction and away you go, with minimal connection time.

When you disconnect from the server the transaction is sent back to the pool. You can specify a minimum and maximum amount of connections. This will be determined by the type of processing performed by your application server.

You can also specify the timeout period for a user to wait for a transaction to become available.

To setup the transaction pool goto the open event of your application and add the following code:

this.SetTransPool( Min, Max, TimeOut )


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