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Alter/Clone Object Attributes
When laying out large datawindows you quite often need to replicate sizes and styles across many
objects. Back in the PB4 days you could use the right mouse menu to set attributes on multiple objects. With PB5 and 6 you have to set the attributes through use of the property sheets. However there is a faster way.

You can change the default values for most of the common object attributes through the use of the toolbars; most of the common attributes are available but they may not all be on your current toolbar especially if you are using PB5. So call up the custom toolbar dialog. I recommend grouping all the attributes together on the toolbar and placing a spacer either side of the group. I group, back/fore colour, border, width and height.

Then you can use the toolbars in one of two ways, by selecting the field and then altering the attributes as required by by first selecting an existing field that already looks like what you want. Then just control click on the object you want to replicate to and click on the five layout icons, this will clone all the attributes of the object.

If you want to change the background colour of your items to transparent then you have to use the properties dialog. However a trick is to manually select transparent for the first object using the properties dialog. If you look at the toolbar icon for the background colour you will notice it has changed to N (for none). You can now control select other objects on the datawindow and click the background colour toolbar to change all of the objects backgrounds to transparent.


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