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AutoSize Height and Leading Blanks
I came across a curious problem the other day! I have a report in PBDelta that shows the scripts side by side. The scripts have leading blanks to show the structure of the code and can be quite long.

The problem I was having is that with autosize height switched off the code showed indented fine but was truncated at then end of the field, thus people could not see all their code. No problem I thought, I'll use autosize height.

The next problem was that with autosized height switched on the code all wrapped nicely and I could see it all but the indents on the code all went away.

I found a work around to this problem, by adding a non breaking space character to the beginning of the code. To insert this use use the old ALT-0160 trick (hold down ALT and type 0 1 6 0 on the numeric keypad, you can do this so insert any character if you know the code). Now the code shows all nicely indented and still wraps around at the end of the lines.


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