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Make Text Blink
Blinking Text, whilst very irritating if used in large amounts can sometimes be very useful for drawing peoples attention to something.

I was surfing the net and came across a page with too much blinking text which made me wonder if it was possible to do a similar thing in PowerBuilder.

This is a very simple but very effective trick. You will need to set the timer interval of the datawindow to something, I set it to 10. You will find the timer by double clicking on any blank part of the datawindow.

Next place a text field on the datawindow (or any control) goto the attributes dialog. Then in the visible attribute place this code:

if( Mod( Integer( Mid( String( Now() ), 7, 2 ) ),2 ) = 1,0,1)

It is also possible to make the text change colours by using similar code in the color attribute:

if( Mod( Integer( Mid( String( Now() ), 7, 2 ) ),2 ) = 1,0,255)


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