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Making a Datawindow ReadOnly
Sometime you want to use a Datawindow for editing and for display only purposes. You could achieve this in a number of ways:
  • Two copies of the data window one all protected and one editable :-(
  • Run through all the columns and switch the tab order to zero.
  • You could run through all columns and switch the protect attribute on and off but this does not work if you are using protect attribute to perform edit processing.
  • You guessed it the last item is the best, there is an attribute of the datawindow called readonly. You can set this attribute to yes which will render the Datawindow readonly, changing it back to no restores its original state.

With all the above methods you will still need to run through all of the columns and change the background colour to button face so that the user can visually see that the datawindow columns are read only. The code for button face is: 79741120.


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