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Adding Gifs and Hyperlinks to your Datawindow to HTML Conversion
A new feature to PB5 is the Enumerated SaveAs type for saving datawindows as HTML source code. This works by writing the data buffer of the datawindow out as a HTML table. Whilst this is touted as a great feature most PB programmers could have written it in half a day as a datawindow service.

But what many not be apparent at first is that you can get PB5 to save more than just the data. You can also get it to generate links, use images and use a background to enhance your generated HTML page.

To embed any html tag into the source code, just place a static text with the HTML code you want to include. So to include a link just create the text wherever you want on the page (header/footer) and include the HTML code for the link. The same goes for images, just create a static text and place the HTML image tags.

You can take this a step further and make you data hypertext sensitive by converting the Data to the appropriate HTML code before saving to HTML. This way you could show a list of customers where you could click on the customer code to show a list of outstanding orders.

So the PB5 SaveAs HTML at first look pretty useless but with a bit of thought and clever coding you can do some pretty cool pages with this new feature.


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