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Report Layout Tips
When you are using the datawindow for printed reports, you are best to change the Unit of measurement from PowerBuilder Units which is should be used for screen datawindows, to 1/1000 of an inch. To change the unit of measurement just right click on any empty space on the datawindow and select properties.

This aids in designing your reports as you have a better idea of where to layout objects on the report to take advantage of the space. Use the ruler on the screen which corresponds to a real ruler.

It also solves a problem of drawing lines vertically down the page. If you draw lines down the page with PBU's you get annoying gaps between the detail bands. Using 1/1000 of an inch solves this problem.

If you find you are getting mysterious blank pages in your reports then this can be caused by having an object on your datawindow just slightly too big for the print width. Shorten or move your objects that are located on the far right of the datawindow and the blank pages will stop. Using the 1/1000 of an inch will allow you to more easily detect these problem objects.


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