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Selecting Text in Editmask
The auto select text attribute of an edit field is a great feature in the PowerBuilder Datawindow control when you are using it for data entry. One thing that always bugged me was that the same attribute was not available for edit mask controls. One solution to this is to add a service to your datawindow that automatically checks for an edit mask field and highlights the text. The following code is an example that could be put in an itemfocuschanged event but should be added to a service somewhere.
// IF there is a row present
IF Row > 0 THEN 
	IF Describe( dwo.Name + '.Edit.Style' ) = 'editmask' THEN 
	// Select the edit controls text
		this.SelectText( 1, Len( String( &
			GetItemString( row, dwo.Name ) ) ) )

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