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DataWindow Send To Back
I have been create a new row selection component for PBDelta and part of the code creates some dynamic controls within the DataWindow. The problem I was having was the newly created controls where being created at the top of the z-order and appearing above the existing content. I wanted the new controls to appear below any existing content.

The solution was to use the SetPosition function of the datawindow. This function allows you to move controls between bands and specify if they should appear on top or not. I created my new controls in the header band and then use the setposition function to move them to the detail band but with the BringToFront argument set to FALSE as follows:

ls_R1 = 'create rectangle(band=header name=r_1 ... SNIP ...
ls_Err = ldw_DW.Modify( ls_R1 )
ldw_DW.SetPosition( 'r_1', 'detail', FALSE )

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