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32bit PowerBuilder DLL Requirements
This is a list of which DLL's need to be deployed with a PowerBuilder application. It lists the DLL name and a brief description of why you need the DLL. Then follows a list of option DLL's which depend on your environment and database connectivity.

Minimum Required 32bit DLL's

DLL Name Description
PBBGR050.DLL Business Graphs, Provide all graphing functions
PBDWE050.DLL Datawindow Engine, Provide all Datawindow functions
PBROI050.DLL OL2 2, COM Support
PBRTE050.DLL PowerBuilder Runtime Engine, used to execute your application functions, this is required by p-code and machine code
PBRTF050.DLL PowerBuilder Runtime Functions, used to execute your application functions, this is required by p-code and machine code
PBSHR050.DLL Storage Manager, Print Support and Other Functions, used to allocate memory and track objects
PBTYP050.DLL System Object and Function Definitions

Optional 32bit DLL's

DLL Name Description
PBDBL050.DLL Database Interface for PBSYB, PBMDI and PBNET
PBDBT050.DLL Database Interface for PBSYC
PBDPB050.DLL Distributed PB, Local Driver Interface
PBDSE050.DLL Distributed PB Interface
PBIDBF050.DLL Datawindow Import dBase
PBIN050.DLL DATABASE Interface for Informix 5
PBITXT050.DLL Datawindow Import Text
PBMDI050.DLL DATABASE Interface for Sybase MDI
PBMSS050.DLL DATABASE Interface for SQL Server
PBNET050.DLL DATABASE Interface for Net Gateway
PBNPC050.DLL Distributed PB Named Pipes Client Interface
PBNPS050.DLL Distributed PB Named Pipes Server Interface
PBO71050.DLL DATABASE Interface for Oracle 7.1
PBO72050.DLL DATABASE Interface for Oracle 7.2
PBODB050.DLL DATABASE Interface for ODBC 1
PBOSC050.DLL Distributed PB Open Server Client Interface
PBOSS050.DLL Distributed PB Open Server Server Interface
PBRTC050.DLL Rich Text Support
PBSMI050.DLL Distributed PB
PBSYB050.DLL DATABASE Interface for Sybase DBLIB
PBSYC050.DLL DATABASE Interface for Sybase CTLIB
PBWSC050.DLL Distributed PB Winsock Client Interface
PBWSS050.DLL Distributed PB Winsock Server Interface


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