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Auto Build Revision Increment
This is a great tip I saw posted as a response in the PowerBuilder news groups. The response was from Simon from GetRealSystems and I've included the response here.

This tips allows you to have an incremental build number on your PowerBuilder applications. This works by using a trick of the PowerBuilder compiler that resolves variables at compile time of the object.

Create an NVO and add the following two lines of code as instance variables:

integer II_BUILD_NUMBER = ProfileInt("build.ini", "version_control", "build", 1)
integer II_DUMMY = SetProfileString("build.ini", "version_control", "build", 
	string(ProfileInt ("build.ini", "version_control", "build", 1)+1) )

Then in your code you can reference II_BUILD_NUMBER and it will contain the current build number.


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