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Debugging an Executable
PowerBuilder's debug whilst not the best in the world is still very useful when trying to track down errors. PB5 is an improvement but real variable watching would be Very helpful.

Anyway sometimes PowerBuilder programs work fine in the development environment but crash either when built into an .EXE or could work fine on your machine and not work on a user machine in the field.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get a debug from the users machine. Well Sybase being the nice people they are have given us a somewhat limited but still very useful runtime debug tool.

Goto the properties for the .EXE and at the end of the command statement add /pbdebug. Then every time you run the program you will get a complete trace of every line of code executed. The file will be called .DBG located in the programs working directory.

PB5 Options

In PB5 you also have this option in development mode which is useful for finding GPF's. In the PB.INI file under the PB section do the following:



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