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Include Dynamically References Objects in your EXE
When PowerBuilder creates your EXE it checks all objects to see if they have been referenced within the course of the application execution. If they are not it does not include the object in the EXE. When you are trying to build a single standalone EXE this can be a problem.

You can force PowerBuilder to include datawindows but dynamic object such as userobjects and windows are a problem. But with a simple trick we can get PowerBuilder to include whatever we want! Goto the application painter and declare an application function called dummy_exe() then declare local variables for each object you want to include.

Example from PBDelta

This is an example of such a function I created for my utility PBDelta.

u_compare_object luo_compare_object
u_compare_pbl luo_compare_pbl
u_compare_script luo_compare_script

u_diff_events luo_diff_events
u_diff_functions luo_diff_functions

u_wiz_type luo_wiz_type
u_wiz_title luo_wiz_title
u_wiz_new luo_wiz_new
u_wiz_old luo_wiz_old

w_pbdelta lwi_pbdelta


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