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Disable Toolbar Items Without the User Seeing
When you are opening a window you may need to disable some of the menu/toolbar items due to application security or just because the item is not available until some other action has been performed (for example the delete icon when there are no rows). Its quite easy to disable the menu items because the user cannot see them until the menu header is clicked. Unfortunately PowerBuilder shows the toolbar of your sheet before the open event of you window is called. One way to stop this effect is to switch off redraw to the MDI frame before you open the sheet and then switch it back when the window has been displayed. This has unfortunate side effects if the sheet takes more than a fraction of a second to open (and most do!).

A solution to this problem is to stop the toolbar from being displayed until you are ready for it to be displayed. To do this you need to make the toolbar invisible by default and then make it visible once your window has opened. To do this goto the properties page for the window and under toolbar make sure the visible attribute is unchecked.

Then in your windows open event you can disable the toolbar items and then make the toolbar visible as the last thing you do in the open event.


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