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Reorder Your Descendant Items
When designing Ancestor menus you normally need to leave a gap for the developers who will use your ancestor menu to add their own menu items in their descendant. While this eases development it takes up resources when not in use. Menu's are one of the worst PowerBuilder resources, they are the biggest in the PBL and the slowest to instanciate and alter.

An alternative to leaving empty slots is to use the shift over/down attribute of the menu item. This attribute forces the current menu to the far right or menu item to the bottom of the menu. For example if you defined File Edit Window Help at your ancestor and marked Window Help as shift over then when the developer adds his menu items to the end the window and help menu will shift over to the end making for a perfect looking menu.

This also works for menu items, if you wanted to add a menu item into the middle of a menu you could mark all the items from the insertion point on down as shift down. Then add your new item to the end. At run time all the ancestor items will shift down below your new item.


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