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Right Justify Help Menu Item
Right justifying menu items is a little used and know feature of Windows. Most applications that take advantage of this feature use it to place the Help menu on the far right side of the menu bar.

In recent years this options seems to have fallen from grace with 99% of applications using the now more standard last menu item as the help menu.

Anyway if you want to use this feature you need to add the ASCII character 8 as the first character of the menu item. PowerBuilder does not allow ASCII characters as part of the menu item string but you could achieve this in two ways.

  • In the open event of your windows that have menus you could alter the text attribute of the help menu item. m_mymenu.m_help.text = Char(8) + m_mymenu.m_help.text
  • Another way would be to export the menu syntax and alter it manually but this option is never a good idea as every time you edit the menu you would need to follow this procedure.

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