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Animating Application Icon
A good way to draw users attention to you application when it is minimized is to animate or flash the minimized icon. For example if there was a record pending that needed the users attention or an urgent request had just arrived in their inbox.

This is relatively simple to do:

When your application needs to flash the icon, start a timer event in your MDI frame. Then in the timer event you can check the windows icon attribute and swap the value:

IF this.Icon = "appico.ico" THEN
   this.Icon = "reverse.ico"
   this.Icon = "appico.ico"

Then in the activate event switch off the timer and reset the icon to the application icon. The only other thing you will need to do is make sure that both ICO files are included in your application PBR file.

If you want to run a smooth animation sequence then the best thing to do is to create the ICO's in a numbered sequence (app1.ico, app2.ico, app3.ico) then you can examine the last character, add one to it until you reach the last image then start again from 1!


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