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Autoinstantiate Rules
In PB5 a new attribute of the non visual object was added called Auto-instanciate. This new feature allows you to declare a variable of the type with autoinstantiate set to TRUE and the first time you use the object PB automatically instantiate it for you and destroys it when it goes out of scope.

Here are a few things to remember about autoinstantiate:

  • Assignment into an auto-instanciate variable must be for an object of the identical type.
  • Assignment into a non-auto-instanciate ancestor (or ANY) causes a duplicate object to be create.
  • Auto instanciate is set at development time and cannot be altered at runtime.
  • Auto instanciate comparison does a member be member comparison not a handle compare.
  • Auto instanciate does a deep copy not a reference copy as a non auto instanciate would do.


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