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Better Splash Windows
Most large Windows applications have cool splash windows. To see this in action load any Microsoft product such as word. When you run word it quickly opens up a window with the word name and a bitmap to keep you occupied while the bulk of the program loads.

This is a good way to fool the user into thinking your application is faster than it really is :). A lot of PowerBuilder applications also have splash screens but the second the MDI frame opens the splash screen goes to the back ground and the user stares at the blank MDI frame cursing your application for being so slow.

What I hear you cry my application is not slow..... I'll leave that battle for another day.

A little trick you can use to fool your users just that bit longer is to put all of your startup processing in the splash window, then using the bring to front tip to set the splash window as TopMost! During your open processing open the MDI frame. Then right at the end close the splash window.

Using this technique means that your splash window opens as quickly as possible and does all of your startup processing, your MDI frame opens but your professional looking splash window stay on top until all processing is complete, and most importantly the user is once again tricked into thinking your application is faster than it really is.


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