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Center a Response Window
I like to run Windows with my resolution set to 800x600 and one of my pet hates is response windows that are centralised for 640x480. This is such a simple thing to fix now that PB4 has a function designed to help us out with this problem.

Declare a subroutine in your window ancestor called center() and place the following code in it.

Environment env_Env
GetEnvironment( env_Env )
this.X = ( PixelsToUnits( env_Env.ScreenWidth, &
        XPixelsToUnits! ) - this.Width ) / 2
this.Y = ( PixelsToUnits( env_Env.ScreenHeight, &
        YPixelsToUnits! ) - this.Height ) /2

Now in your open event you can call center() to centralise all your response windows regardless of screen resolution.

You can take this routine a step further, when I was writing PBDelta V2 I had the above code in my center routine but the problem was that I now run my PC with the resolution set 1024x768. PBDelta V2 is an MDI application and while the code works fine when the MDI Frame is maximized, now I have a large desktop I run my applications unmaximized. So now my response windows are not centered around the location on the screen where I am working. Phew! If you are still with me then the solution is to check for a valid MDI Frame and if it is valid then center the response window based upon the MDI Frame. The code looks like the following:

Long ll_X, ll_Y
Window lw_MdiFrame

// lw_MdiFrame contains a pointer to your MDI Frame
IF IsValid( lw_mdiFrame ) THEN
   ll_X = lw_mdiframe.X + &
      ( lw_mdiframe.Width / 2 ) - ( this.Width / 2 )
   ll_Y = lw_mdiframe.Y + &
      ( lw_mdiframe.Height / 2 ) - ( this.Height / 2 )
   Environment lenv_Env
   GetEnvironment( lenv_Env )
   ll_X = ( PixelsToUnits( lenv_Env.ScreenWidth, &
        XPixelsToUnits! ) - this.Width ) / 2
   ll_Y = ( PixelsToUnits( lenv_Env.ScreenHeight, &
        YPixelsToUnits! ) - this.Height ) /2

IF ll_X < 1 THEN ll_X = 1
IF ll_Y < 1 THEN ll_Y = 1

this.X = ll_X
this.Y = ll_Y


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