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Dynamic Word Wrap in RichTextControl
Working with the Rich Text Control on a recent project I found a problem with dynamically altering the word wrap property. I needed to work internally with the text in the control on a line by line basis but wanted to show the user the results with word wrapping on.

The problem I found was that when I changed the property to FALSE it worked fine but when I changed it back to TRUE it had no effect.

The work around I found was to resize the Control after switching it to TRUE and the resize it back to the original size before finally switching redraw back on, see the example below:

rte_old.SetRedraw( FALSE )
rte_old.wordwrap = FALSE

// do my work on lines here

rte_old.wordwrap = TRUE
rte_Old.Resize( 1, 1 )
rte_Old.Resize( li_W, li_H )
rte_old.SetRedraw( TRUE )

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