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Compares and Merges PowerBuilder Source Code and many other development file formats
ProDiff is designed to highlight the differences between versions of Application development source code. ProDiff improves on standard diff tools by parsing and pretty printing source code files before comparing the individual sections of the program or source code files. This approach removes many of the false positives created when files are reorganised but not syntactically changed. ProDiff displays the results of the parsed/pretty printed source code in a hierarchical manner making the changes between the versions easier to locate and understand.
ProDiff Key Features:
  • Parsers for all PowerBuilder development source files
  • Integration with the PowerBuilder IDE (Targets/Workspaces)
  • Source Code parsers for all PowerBuilder Source Files
  • Pretty Print and parsers for XML and XAML files
  • Pretty Print and parsers for Javascript files
  • Pretty Print and parsers for INI files
  • Source Code syntax highlighting
  • In-line character token based difference display
  • Two Way and Three Way Compare Merge and Diff Support
  • Reports for all difference types including data export and save results to PDF
  • Merge and recreation of PowerBuilder .sr* files
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