Integrating ProDiff with Visual Studio
ProDiff can be easily integrated with Visual Studio as either the Compare tool, Merge tool or both. Follow these steps to setup ProDiff as the default tools within the Visual Studio Development environment.
Step 1
Start Visual Studio and Click the Tools > Options... menu items to open the Options Dialog.

From the Options tree on the left hand side locate "Source Control". then expand the tree node and click the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server item and you should see the following screen:
Step 2
Click Configure User Tools and you should see the following dialog.

From this Dialog click the Add... button.
Step 3 Configuring ProDiff as the Compare Tool
In the Extension box enter .* this says use ProDiff for all compares, but you could enter a value like .sr* if you only wanted to compare PowerBuilder source files.
Next Click the "..." button and locate the ProDiff EXE file (usually located at C:\Program Files\PBDR\ProDiff2\
Lastly enter "-SDI -File1 %1 -File2 %2" for the arguments, this tells ProDiff to start in SDI mode and to compare the 2 files passed from Visual Studio.
Your screen should look like:

Click OK
Step 4 Configuring ProDiff as the Merge Tool
If you want to use ProDiff as the default merge tool then click the "Add..." button again but this time you need to change the Operation to Merge and then follow the actions from Step 3.
You can use ProDiff for particular file types and use the integrated Merge tool for other types by defining the file type extension, for example you may want to use ProDiff to merge only Datawindows so would specify .srd as the Extension.
You screen should look like the following:

Click OK
Final Review
Your configuration should now look like the example below so click OK to accept the changes: