ProDiff for PowerBuilder
ProDiff is designed to highlight the differences between versions of Application development source code. ProDiff improves on standard diff tools by parsing and pretty printing source code files before comparing the individual sections of the program or source code files. This approach removes many of the false positives created when files are reorganised but not syntactically changed. ProDiff displays the results of the parsed/pretty printed source code in a hierarchical manner making the changes between the versions easier to locate and understand.
ProDiff Heritage
ProDiff is the re-invention of PBDelta the industry standard diff tool for comparing PowerBuilder source code.

ProDiff expands on PBDelta's rich feature set adding the following exciting new features:

  • PB12.x Classic and Dot Net Support: ProDiff fully supports all the new PB12 Dot Net language features such as; interfaces, properties, indexors, namespaces and xaml. Support for .pblx library files and PB12 Dot Net Targets and Workspaces.
  • Syntax Colour Coding: ProDiff supports syntax highlighting of PowerBuilder, XML and INI Files with more file types to come.
  • XML/XAML Support: ProDiff fully supports xml diffs including an xml parser which pretty prints the xml before the compare takes place making it much more accurate. Enhanced XAML support ensures reorganised elements are still accurately identified and compared to ensure no false positives.
  • INI File Support: ProDiff fully supports INI file diffs including parsing and reorganisation of the sections making the diffs easy to review.
  • SDI Mode: ProDiff features a new fast starting Single file mode tailored for integration with source control systems.
  • Inline Modified Line Compare: ProDiff will automatically perform a Line Compare showing the differences within a modified line.
  • Three way Diff/Merge: ProDiff now supports the diff and merge of 3 files allowing you to compare and merge changes from two separate changes into a single new file.
  • Token Line Diff: ProDiff supports a new token based line diff for greater accuracy, the line diff matches whole tokens parsed based on the language being compared.
  • Line Diff Window: The Line Diff window supports a new feature to allow the selection of character based or a selection of token languages.
  • Improved Diff: The main text diff engine is more accurate, with two new features; removal of all white space and a line change distance calculation to improve the accuracy of resync points and prevent false modified lines.
  • SDI Mode: SDI mode has been extended with a new SDI mode tailored for three way diff/merge primarily used for integration with source control systems.
  • Javascript Support: ProDiff recognises javascript files in the main compare and line diff and syntax colour codes the compared results.
  • HTML/XML Syntax Highlighting: ProDiff recognises more HTML and XML file types and will provide syntax colour coding of HTML files.
  • Vista/Windows 7 Support: ProDiff supports file drag and drop, alpha transparency icons, crumb bar, glass, OS specific icons and numerous other improved touches.
Using ProDiff for PowerBuilder with Source Control
ProDiff integrates seamlessly with a variety of source control systems via the command line. The following articles show how to quickly and easily configure popular source code control: