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This page lists the current versions of ProDiff the industry standard tool for comparing PowerBuilder source code, from here can download a Free 30 day Trial of ProDiff for PowerBuilder. ProDiff is stored in a compressed archive file from which you will need to extract the installation file.

ProDiff V2.0.4

Download the industry standard tool for comparing PowerBuilder source code.
ProDiff Version History
ProDiff V2.0.4 - 25th October 2015
  • Fixed a bug in the File Explorer, if a set of Project Workspaces had paths over 250 chcarters long it would give an exceptio
  • Fixed two bugs in the Object Parser for PowerBuilder Menu object
  • Fixed a bug that did not restore the size of the Main Window when not maximized
ProDiff V2.0.3 - 4th January 2015
  • Fixed a bug in the 3way Diff PBL/Object selection which casued an exception when selecting an object
ProDiff V2.0.2 - 21st December 2014
  • Enhanced the object parser to deal with Tabs inside property definitions
  • Enhanced the object parser to deal with extra spaces within control definitions
  • Fixed ProDiff v2 programme icon onto the SDI Windows
  • Fixed a bug in the Line Compare, if multiple lines are included and the last character was changed it would crash
ProDiff V2.0.1 - 17th December 2014
  • Added a check when a ThreeWay merge is requested, that the base file has been passed
  • Fixed the Auto Detect of PowerBuilder objects with managled filenames using the -Detect switch for standard 2way diffs
  • Fixed a bug in the 3way Diff/Merge, the UI Selected Filenames where overwritten by the command line args in error
  • Fixed a bug in the 3way Diff/Merge command line args, the args where ignored if a -Detect switch was passed
  • Added support for Managled Filename detection to the 3way Diff/Merge command line options
ProDiff V2.0.0 - 23rd November 2014
  • First Release of ProDiff v2 a major upgrade to ProDiff
  • Three way Diff/Merge: ProDiff now supports the diff and merge of 3 files allowing you to compare and merge changes from two separate changes into a single new file.
  • Token Line Diff: ProDiff supports a new token based line diff for greater accuracy, the line diff matches whole tokens parsed based on the language being compared.
  • Line Diff Window: The Line Diff window supports a new feature to allow the selection of character based or a selection of token languages.
  • Improved Diff: The main text diff engine is more accurate, with two new features; removal of all white space and a line change distance calculation to improve the accuracy of resync points and prevent false modified lines.
  • SDI Mode: SDI mode has been extended with a new SDI mode tailored for three way diff/merge primarily used for integration with source control systems.
  • Javascript Support: ProDiff recognises javascript files in the main compare and line diff and syntax colour codes the compared results.
  • HTML/XML Syntax Highlighting: ProDiff recognises more HTML and XML file types and will provide syntax colour coding of HTML files.
  • Command Line: Improved command line support enhancing the original semantic position based parameters with support for names for each parameter to simplify the integration with source control software.
  • Additional PowerBuilder Workspace Support: ProDiff now fully supports the latest Workspace IDE integration in addition to Target integration.
  • PB12.x Support: ProDiff now supports PB12.5 and PB12.6 Classic and .Net versions.