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PBDelta V5.3.2
PBDelta has recently received a Major upgrade and as part of the upgrade it has been renamed to ProDiff. Please visit the ProDiff microsite for more details of this new features available as part of this upgrade.

PBDelta is a utility designed to highlight the differences between versions of Application Source Code. PBDelta improves on standard diff tools by parsing the source files and comparing the individual chunks of the program. The results of the compared chunks are then displayed in a logical manner making the changes between the versions easier to locate and understand.
Parsed Display

PBDelta divides programs into logical, easy to manage chunks. These chunks are then compared individually giving more accurate results.

PBDelta parses most PowerBuilder objects and Java classes.

Key Features

PBDelta summaries complex object changes and compares the summaries. This allows you to quickly determine if key properties of an object have been changed without checking all the minor less relevant changes.

Line Compare

PBDelta features a Line Compare Tool, this tool allows you to highlight a changed line of code within PBDelta and have the individual line compared character by character and colour coded to show changes.


PBDelta features a suite of colour coded reports. Reports can be saved to disk and reloaded later.

Batch Processing

PBDelta supports a command line interface and a powerful Batch Processing interface. The Batch processing feature can compare selections of files and output the results in a variety of formats.

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To download PBDelta visit the PBDR Download Page.

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