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PBPaste V3.0.1
PBPaste is a utility used to paste script scraps and generated code/comments directly into the PowerBuilder development environment. The utility installs itself as a small icon in your system tray. Use the right mouse button to access the setup menu and the left mouse button to access a paste action.

PBPaste allows you to customise the menu and include your own paste items called "Script Scraps" these can be any text file or PowerBuilder source file. There are even simple macros which can be embedded into the text file. These macros reduce the time required to complete common function headers by inserting common attributes such as return value, function name or today's date.

As well as pasting your own code, PBPaste features some code/comment generators:
  • Colour Calculator
  • Pixels To PowerBuilder Units Calculator
  • General Comment Generator
  • Datawindow Get/Set Item Generator
  • Syntax Generator
  • Function Comment Header Generator
  • Event Comment Header Generator (New Full Event Generator)
  • Object Comment Header Generator
  • Quick Help Locator (New)

All headers generated by PBPaste are compatible with our documentation tool PBDoc so you can use these headers to produce professional looking documentation.

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