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Writing to the Windows NT Event Log
A useful feature to add to VB applications is the ability to write to the NT Event Log as a means of providing the user with information or warning of errors. The App object in both VB5/6, now provides event logging methods.
'-- Start Event Logging
Call App.StartLogging("", vbLogToNT)
'-- Log Events to NT
Call App.LogEvent("Info", vbLogEventTypeInformation) 
Call App.LogEvent("Error", vbLogEventTypeError)
Call App.LogEvent("Warning", vbLogEventTypeWarning)

A few points to note, these functions will only work in a compiled executable as the code is simply ignore in design mode, therefore you cannot use the code during a debug session. Apart from these limitations, these methods form a quick and simple method for event logging

If running on Windows 95, change the logmode argument in the 'App.StartLogging' function from 'vbLogToNT' to 'vbAutoLog'.


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