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ADO Recordset Searches
Following on from last weeks DAO recordset searching article, here we are reproducing the same functionality with ADODB recordset objects. The concept is much the same, just the approach is slightly different. Instead of DAO's FindFirst, FindLast, FindNext and FindPrevious methods, ADO replaces all these with the single method: 'Find'. The Find method takes a single argument (no ANDs, ORs, etc.) as follows:
   'Find first record satisfying search criteria
   rsADO.Find "sex = 'Male'"

   If rsADO.EOF Then
      'no records matching search
      'successful search
      Do While Not rsADO.EOF
         'loop thru search results
   End If

If multiple records are returned, then the Find method positions the pointer to the first record and the resultant records can be navigated using rsADO.MoveNext, rsADO.MovePrevious, rsADO.MoveFirst and rsADO.MoveLast methods as with unfiltered recordsets. However, if no records match the search criteria, then rsADO.EOF will be True. The latter therefore replaces the DAO NoMatch property, in determining the success of a search.


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