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CreatePath Function
This function is used in conjunction with the CopyTree function and its purpose is to create new folders determined by the path passed to it. The function is an extension of the MkDir function with extra code added to ensure a valid path is used. Add the following code to a FileHandling.bas standard module to compile a File Utility function set:
Public Function CreatePath(ByVal Path As String, errnum _
  As Integer) As Boolean
'<DESC>		Creates a specified folder.</DESC>
'<RETURN>		Boolean:
'			Success level of function</RETURN>
'<ACCESS>		Public</ACCESS>
'<ARGS>		Path: 
'			Path of new folder
'		</ARGS>
'<USAGE>		blnOK = CreatePath("c:\new folder\test\", 0)
'		</USAGE>

    Dim dirnam As String
    Dim n As Integer
    Dim txt As String

    dirnam = Left$(Path, 2)
    txt = Mid$(Path, 4)
    n = InStr(txt, "\")
    Do While n <> 0
        dirnam = dirnam & "\" & Left$(txt, n - 1)
        If Not DirExists(dirnam) Then
            On Error GoTo CreatePath_Err
            MkDir dirnam
        End If
        txt = Mid$(txt, n + 1)
        n = InStr(txt, "\")
    CreatePath = True
    Exit Function
    errnum = Err
    CreatePath = False
    Resume CreatePath_Exit

End Function

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