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Get Folder Only from Filepath
This function is used in conjunction with the CopyTree function and returns the lowest level (most nested) folder when passed a full file path. This is achieved by searching for the leading backslash to determine the immediate folder name. Add the following code to a FileHandling.bas standard module to compile a File Utility function set:
Public Function GetFolderName(FilPath As String) As String
'<DESC>		Retrieves the lowest level folder name from 
'		filepath.</DESC>
'<RETURN>		String:
'			Folder name</RETURN>
'<ACCESS>		Public</ACCESS>
'<ARGS>		FullPath: 
'			Full Filepath</ARGS>
'<USAGE>		DirPath$ = GetFolderName("c:/winnt/system/")
'		</USAGE>

  Dim strTemp As String
  Dim strChar As String
  Dim intCounter As Integer
  If Right$(FilPath, 1) = "\" Then
    strTemp = Left$(FilPath, Len(FilPath) - 1)
    strTemp = FilPath
  End If
  GetFolderName = "Error"
  For intCounter = Len(strTemp) To 1 Step -1
      strChar = Mid$(strTemp, intCounter, 1)
      If strChar = "\" Then
          GetFolderName = Mid$(strTemp, intCounter + 1)
          Exit For
      End If
  Next intCounter

End Function    

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