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Recordset Searches
Finding specific fields within large recordsets can be a time consuming overhead and is a procedure commonly undertaken in many applications. Consider determining if a record exists in a table, which in turn determines if the record is edited or added as a new entry. One method would be to step through each record in the recordset and check each one against your search criteria. This is the common, but inefficient approach. A better way is to use the search methods of the recordset object, which can interrogate all the records quickly and move to the matching record. The code below does exactly this:
   'Find first record satisfying search criteria
   rsExample.FindFirst "user_id = 18"
   'check if search is successful
   If rsExample.NoMatch Then  'no match found
      'add AddNew record code here
   Else                       'match found
      'add Edit record code here
   End If 

If the search criteria does not uniquely identify individual records then the FindNext, FindPrevious and FindLast method of the Recordset can be employed to navigate multiple matching records.


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