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'Complete Word' Shortcut Feature
Here's a useful shortcut feature available in both VB5 and VB6 that's managed to escape the attention of many developers somehow. The shortcut, CTRL+SPACE, basically completes the script once you've typed the first few characters of a procedure, constant, variable etc. If there's more than one match then the usual members list appears with the nearest matching word highlighted. Continue typing to narrow the matches. To select a term from the list, press a key for the character that would follow the word - e.g. a space, full stop, or carriage return, as appropriate. You can also use the mouse. Pressing CTRL+SPACE on an empty line, or outside of a recognisable scope (for instance, just before a function name) opens the members list populated with globals.

Useful shortcut particularly if you're partial to using long, descriptive variable/procedure names, that take time to remember, let alone type! Also great for every hopeless typist amongst us.


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