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Read and Write Arrays from File
To read and write data quickly from arrays to file (or vice-versa) consider using Put and Get. This is significantly faster than reading and writing the array one entry at a time using  Input #, Write # or Print #. The example below writes the entire contents of an array to a file in one step.
Dim arrLongValue(1 To 100000) As Long
Dim IntNum As Integer

	'populate array here
	IntNum = FreeFile
	Open "C:\Temp\Test.dat" For Binary As intNum
		Put #intNum, arrLongValue
	Close intNum

For files contain data of different data types, consider using a user defined variable into which each file line can be read. See example below:

' Define user-defined type.
Type Record
	ID As Integer
	Name As String * 20
End Type
Dim MyRecord As Record, Position

    	' Open sample file for random access.
    	Open "TESTFILE" For Random As #1 Len = Len(MyRecord)
		' Define record number.
    		Position = 3
		' Read third record.
    		Get #1, Position, MyRecord    
    	Close #1  

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