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Adding a Splash Screen
As applications scale up and become more complex, the initialize time often increases before the application displays. This can be a disadvantage, as the user is left unsure as to whether they have started the app correctly or if it has failed. Fortunately, this disadvantage can also be an advantage as it allows the developer to display a splash screen prior to invoking the main application. This serves two purposes, to alert the user to wait while the app loads and also to offer the apps name embedded in flashy graphics, thereby advertising the product and/or the developer. The simplest way to display a splash screen is to set the StartUp Object in Project Properties to "Sub Main" and code Sub Main in a module to call up the splash form, followed by the main app form as follows:
   Sub Main()

       Dim sngStart As Single
       ' Display Splash Screen
       ' Set start time
       sngStart = Timer 
       ' Display Splash Screen for 5 seconds
       Do While Timer < sngStart + 5
          ' Yield to other processes
       ' Load main form into memory
       Load frmMain

   End Sub
This subroutine displays the splash screen for a predetermined amount of time before beginning to load the main app's form. The time delay is particularly useful if the main app takes a fraction of a second to load up and offers the user an opportunity to view the splash screen. However, if the main app itself takes an unacceptable amount of time to load, then consider removing the time delay as this will only make matters worse.
Next the app's main form is loaded into memory, before the splash screen is unloaded. This makes for a slick switch over between the splash screen and the app's main form. The only additional code required is in the app's main form's Form Load sub as follows:
   Private Sub Form_Load()

      ' add main form initialization code here,
      ' before Splash Screen handling code

      ' Remove Splash Screen
      Unload frmSplash
      ' Display app's main form held in memory
   End Sub

Now as the main form loads, the splash screen is removed immediately prior to displaying the main form.


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