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Taking Roots
This is either something we do after prolonged periods of sitting at the PC or the process of calculating the squared or cubed root, etc. of a value. As VB has no built in nth root functionaility, to take a root use:
	sngRootValue = sngNumber ^ (1 / root)

For example, the cubed root of X is:

	sngRootValue = X ^ (1 / 3)

and the squared root of X is:

	sngRootValue = X ^ (1 / 2)

E.g. where X is 64,  X ^ (1/3)  will return 4

Note: attempting to take the squared root (or any root where the root is an even number) of a negative number will return an error. Basically this is because a squared root reverses the process of a squared value and squared values can only be positive. Just error check code to trap negative values of X prior to executing the example above.


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